Golf Open tournaments & events

Open tournaments & events

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13.1.2020 Monday Opening of the hotel and restaurant for the season 2020






4th April Saturday Opening tournament with a party - only for GGC members
16th - 19th April Thursday - Sunday Faldo Series Czech Republic 2020
26th April Sunday Dýšinská žabička - 1st round
Dýšinský pulec - 1st round (starts at 2:00 pm.)


6th May Wednesday Senior Triangl (50+ tournament) - 2nd round
12th May Tuesday Ladies' Tuesdays - 1st round
23rd May Saturday Dýšinský pulec - 2nd round (starts at 2:00 pm)
31st May Sunday Dýšinská žabička - 2nd round


9th June Tuesday Ladies' Tuesdays - 2nd round
20th June Saturday Dýšinský pulec - 3rd round (starts at 2:00 pm)
21st June Sunday Dýšinská žabička - 3rd round


14th July Tuesday Ladies' Tuesdays - 3rd round
26th July Sunday Dýšinská žabička - 4th round
27th May Monday Senior Triangl (50+ tournament) - 8th round


1st August Saturday Couples tournament
15th August Saturday Annual tournament - only for GGC members
17th August Monday Senior Triangl (50+ tournament) - 10th round
18th August Tuesday Ladies' Tuesdays - 4th round
23rd August Sunday Club Championship under 14 years
30th August Sunday Dýšinská žabička - 5th round


12th September Saturday Dýšinský pulec - 4th round (starts at 2:00 pm)
15 th September Tuesday Ladies' Tuesdays - 5th round FINAL


3rd - 4th October Saturday - Sunday Greensgate Golf Club Championship
6th October Tuesday Senior Triangl (50+ tournament) - 15th round - FINAL
17th  October Saturday Dýšinský pulec - 5th round FINAL (starts at 1:00 pm)
18th October Sunday Dýšinská žabička - 6th round FINAL
31st October Saturday Tournament of pairs - Greensgate Golf Academy


1st November Sunday Cross Country
8th November Sunday St. Martin's tournament



In case of bad weather or unexpected events, the action may be moved or canceled.


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